Monday, June 7, 2010

Mama said what?


Mckmama is hosting a new link up called out of the Mouths of Babes Moms allowing us mama's the ability to put to paper so to speak the things we say to our children. Here's what came out of my mouth this week:

"Because it's not a good idea to teach Daniel to blow bubbles in bubble bath"

"No you don't need to have a different color for each finger and toe. Because all together you have 20 of them combined and I'm just not into painting that much"

"Leave her belly button alone"

"No it's not the real Beast. I promise you it's not the real Beast that lives with Belle. Because it's steak that's why now please eat your dinner"

"There's no way you're hungry. Because you just inhaled your lunch. No you cannot have a new lunch. Because you just had lunch. No you may not have a snack. No you may not have a treat. Just because you asked nicely does not mean that I will say yes. Yes maybe I am mean and nasty but I am not old and don't call me Mother. Because I said so."