Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Death to the recliner

I hate La-z-boy. Not the actual company just their product. For the sole purpose that when my hubby comes home that is the first place he goes. He sits down remote in hand and then comes that awful noise of him reclining it. It's like nails on a blackboard for me. So I come home after working on Monday to a sink full of dishes, clothes waiting to be washed, a 1 year old under foot because she wants dinner and he's sitting in his recliner. Now he just started a new job on Monday so I'm thinking he's just tired. Nope found out he got off early and came home. But for some reason never thought of going to get the baby seeing as how that would cut my travel time by 20 minutes. So I made dinner. I made pasta since I had leftover sauce I needed to either eat or throw away. And the whole time he sat in that recliner and never moved. So I finish making dinner get Emily all set in her seat, he FINALLY gets out of the recliner and sits at the table and then says to me "Why didn't you get me something to drink?" Um....hello because I think you're perfectly capable of getting your own drink. We eat. In silence. Then he finishes gets up and goes back to the recliner. WTF??? There are dishes to be done. He says he'll do them before bed. I wake up Tuesday morning to dishes still overflowing in the sink, dishwasher still full of clean dishes. So I'm now on a mission to get the La-Z-Boy out of my house.

Friday, October 12, 2007


My best friend got married last weekend to an awesome man. Our trip started off okay my family and I had a flight that left at 6am which meant getting up at 3 to get the the airport before 5. Not too bad. Got to Minnesota at about 9:30, my Dad picked us up and drove me to Missy's (the bff) so we could go to the tailor to alter my dress. To my (much appreciated) surprise all they had to do was take in the chest a bit, after that stop it was off to the reception site to get everything all decorated for Saturday. It was a lot of work but a totally good cause we had some limited help on Thursday (just three of us during the day) then her Dad and stepmom (awesome people) came out to help us and Missy's friend from hs Melissa which again was an amazing help. After being awake for 20 hours Missy let me go home and get some sleep. The day started all over again bright and early Friday but we did slip in a relaxing and needed mani/pedi before the big rehearsal. Comes down to the BIG day on Sat and we are off with the bridesmaids for hair and makeup. Can I just say that Molly who did my hair did an awsome job. Most of us got up do's and she must have used about 100 bobby pins but when I felt about 4 of them break during the middle of the ceremony my hair never moved. It was so cool to be a part of this with her. We get to the reception and due to my increased drinking of champagne during the ride over I forgot what my original speech was so I winged it. Adam (the groom) said it was good so I'm hoping everyone else thought so as well. What the bottom line was is I've seen every relationship Missy has been in but I've never seen the look of true happiness on her face that I see when she talks about Adam. And he's an amazing guy. He's so in love with both her and her daughter. So as I ended my speech.....Mis, Congratulations you found your soul mate.