Monday, November 20, 2006

A new day, A new dilemma

My husband took my car to get the brakes changed. Now I own a little Saturn SL. One of the early models. I've owned it for 7 years and have never had the brakes done. No one ever told me I should. Kind of like when I had to get the transmission fluid flushed. No one ever told me I had to get that done. I can honestly say that I didn't even know the transmission had fluid. Now I am not by any means "dumb" when it comes to cars. I know how to change my own oil and how to change a tire. But no one ever told me about the transmission fluid. As a testament for my driving capabilities though I would say I'm pretty damn good seeing as how I haven't had to have the brakes done yet. But now it comes to having to get them done and of course I need all four brakes done and the total is $483 dollars. For brakes!! Is it just me or does this seem like a bit much to anyone else out there? Oh and now my husband just called to say that he had to get new tires on as well so now the grand total is $785. That is just outrageous to me. Maybe I should learn how to be a mechanic.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Intro to well I guess to ME

I've always wanted to keep a journal. I even had one for a period of time. But then I'd decided that I really didn't feel like physically writing down the happenings of my life. Then comes along the wonderful world of blogging. Which I am much better at since I type much faster than I write and don't have to worry about getting hand cramps which I hate. So I've decided to make a blog. And not for the satisfaction of really anyone except for myself. It will allow me to remember almost anything my daughter does or says (when she finally starts speaking) and really can serve as an extra memory for me. Plus when I get mad about something and really don't care to talk about it I have always written it down. Now I can just type it all down and then delete it if what I wrote was mean or hurtful. So here goes.......First things first I got married on September 24, 2005 and had a beautiful daughter named Emily on April 17, 2006 (yeah I won't even make you do the math I was pregnant when I got married and was 3 months along). I have the best friend in the world. We've been friends since we were 8 and it probably would have been longer if I hadn't been such a brat to her when I was little. She's getting married next year and I couldn't be happier. One because she's going to be happy and with a man who is great for her and her daughter and two because I get to be the matron of honor and it's the first time either of us will be there when the other gets married. She and I act like little kids all over again when we get together which is few and far between due to her living in Minnesota and me living in New York. I miss her more than I think I've ever let on. But there are certain things that you can attest to the strength of your friendship and one of ours has been to be able to carry on our very strong friendship and be separated by state lines since we were 12. Now that we're both mothers of little girls and are both the Godmothers of the girls I would like to live much closer to her and hopefully in the not too distant future it will come true for me. My husband is a great man. He loves me and loves Emily with all his heart. Sometimes he's a typical stubborn husband but I love him just the same. I also know that if I need to vent or rant about something Missy is always just a phone call away.