Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Death to the recliner

I hate La-z-boy. Not the actual company just their product. For the sole purpose that when my hubby comes home that is the first place he goes. He sits down remote in hand and then comes that awful noise of him reclining it. It's like nails on a blackboard for me. So I come home after working on Monday to a sink full of dishes, clothes waiting to be washed, a 1 year old under foot because she wants dinner and he's sitting in his recliner. Now he just started a new job on Monday so I'm thinking he's just tired. Nope found out he got off early and came home. But for some reason never thought of going to get the baby seeing as how that would cut my travel time by 20 minutes. So I made dinner. I made pasta since I had leftover sauce I needed to either eat or throw away. And the whole time he sat in that recliner and never moved. So I finish making dinner get Emily all set in her seat, he FINALLY gets out of the recliner and sits at the table and then says to me "Why didn't you get me something to drink?" Um....hello because I think you're perfectly capable of getting your own drink. We eat. In silence. Then he finishes gets up and goes back to the recliner. WTF??? There are dishes to be done. He says he'll do them before bed. I wake up Tuesday morning to dishes still overflowing in the sink, dishwasher still full of clean dishes. So I'm now on a mission to get the La-Z-Boy out of my house.

Friday, October 12, 2007


My best friend got married last weekend to an awesome man. Our trip started off okay my family and I had a flight that left at 6am which meant getting up at 3 to get the the airport before 5. Not too bad. Got to Minnesota at about 9:30, my Dad picked us up and drove me to Missy's (the bff) so we could go to the tailor to alter my dress. To my (much appreciated) surprise all they had to do was take in the chest a bit, after that stop it was off to the reception site to get everything all decorated for Saturday. It was a lot of work but a totally good cause we had some limited help on Thursday (just three of us during the day) then her Dad and stepmom (awesome people) came out to help us and Missy's friend from hs Melissa which again was an amazing help. After being awake for 20 hours Missy let me go home and get some sleep. The day started all over again bright and early Friday but we did slip in a relaxing and needed mani/pedi before the big rehearsal. Comes down to the BIG day on Sat and we are off with the bridesmaids for hair and makeup. Can I just say that Molly who did my hair did an awsome job. Most of us got up do's and she must have used about 100 bobby pins but when I felt about 4 of them break during the middle of the ceremony my hair never moved. It was so cool to be a part of this with her. We get to the reception and due to my increased drinking of champagne during the ride over I forgot what my original speech was so I winged it. Adam (the groom) said it was good so I'm hoping everyone else thought so as well. What the bottom line was is I've seen every relationship Missy has been in but I've never seen the look of true happiness on her face that I see when she talks about Adam. And he's an amazing guy. He's so in love with both her and her daughter. So as I ended my speech.....Mis, Congratulations you found your soul mate.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Are you stupid?

This is the question that I poised to my husband after he'd been complaining of stomach cramps. He's being an unbelievable baby about the whole thing as far as I'm concerned and when I asked him how it hurt he had the nerve to tell me that I didn't understand pain like he was having. Um, excuse me, but I do believe I understand cramping pain seeing as how not only do I get it with my lovely little friend every 28 days but my ovulation is also extremely painful. So after he told me that I didn't understand the cramping pain I asked if he was stupid. Does he not see me popping Midol like it's candy? Does he not see when the ovulation starts me doubled over in pain? Does he not see the grimace on my face everytime I get one of those kick you in the stomach cramps? IS HE BLIND???? I wanted to kill him. I then also mentioned to him being in labor and having those cramps and again he had the nerve to tell me that was nothing compared to how he was feeling. HOW THE HELL WOULD HE KNOW? Has he gone through labor and forgotten to mention it to me? Does he not remember when I was going through an extremely painful contraction that he had the gall to ask me if it hurt? No dumbass I'm crying out in pain because it feels good. Does anyone else have this issue with their husbands/boyfriends/significant others?

Friday, July 20, 2007

Waitng, waiting, waiting........

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Let me just preface this by saying I pre-ordered this the minute it was availiable and now have to wait at least 5 mailing days to receive it. This series has been a great way for me to bond with my nephew. He was 7 when I was introduced as Uncle Eddie's girlfriend and was very stand offish with me. But when he saw me reading a copy of Harry Potter he became very interested. Interested in the fact that an adult enjoyed the same book he did. Now that the seventh and final book is out I'm almost very sad to see it end although I'm very excited at the same time to see how it ends. Now I'm in search of another book series that he and I can read together. His mother told me that he's been telling his friends for months "My favorite aunt, Aunt Adrianne, is going to get the book for me". After hearing that I had to get the book for him. So I purchased them (yes I bought two, I need to complete my set as well) on amazon.com and am now just waiting for them to get here.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Are you kidding me???

After the gym last night I went to the local Mobil on the Run since they are having all their fountain drinks priced at 99cents. My husband and I both LOVE fountain diet coke. So I figured I'd stop in to get one. Now they are not stocking the 64oz cup because really who could blame them they'd probably not be able to cover their asses on it so I reach for the 44oz cup, and push the thing for ice and nothing........I push again thinking maybe it's just stuck.....nothing....I look around to let someone know it's out of ice and realize I am standing by myself in the store. There is not an employee to be found. So I just fill my cup with diet coke figuring it's cold already and I have ice at home and proceed to make my way to the cash register to pay. I get there and I wait......and wait.....and wait.....and wait. After literally 5 minutes of standing there waiting to pay I take a dollar bill out and place it on the counter and out of nowhere comes a little man saying in a nasty tone "Ma'am that's $1.07". Ok bastard you're lucky I even tried to pay for it. Your job is in customer service start servicing your customers. I don't understand people who act like it's beneath them to ring me up IT"S THEIR JOB!!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

My LIfe

Is in a tailspin. Well maybe not so much. Maybe I'm just stressing over insignifcant things. Things that really have no bearing on my life or the lives of my family. This weekend we are baptizing Emily. I think it's kind of late to be doing it but we wanted to make sure she was baptized in a church that we were active in and members of. It's kind of funny when you think about it that most kids are doing their confirmations when they are 13/14 years old when really they are just beginning to come into who they are. But whatever I got off my subject, as I tend to do, anyways my niece is being baptized this weekend as well. She's 4. It has gotten to a point where her parents have literally had to do NOTHING but provide me with Godparents for her and they didn't really offer much help there (I don't care for the people who were chosen for the purpose that as a Godparent you vow to raise the child in a Christian lifestyle and these people have probably only been to church twice in their lifetime), but again whatever that's really none of my business. Back to my point her parents have done NOTHING and are now starting to complain when we mentioned they should give a nice donation to the church seeing as how our pastor is doing this as a favor to us. I'm basically just so sick and tired of my husbands brothers being lazy when it comes to thei r kids and their responsibilities.