Thursday, June 28, 2007

My LIfe

Is in a tailspin. Well maybe not so much. Maybe I'm just stressing over insignifcant things. Things that really have no bearing on my life or the lives of my family. This weekend we are baptizing Emily. I think it's kind of late to be doing it but we wanted to make sure she was baptized in a church that we were active in and members of. It's kind of funny when you think about it that most kids are doing their confirmations when they are 13/14 years old when really they are just beginning to come into who they are. But whatever I got off my subject, as I tend to do, anyways my niece is being baptized this weekend as well. She's 4. It has gotten to a point where her parents have literally had to do NOTHING but provide me with Godparents for her and they didn't really offer much help there (I don't care for the people who were chosen for the purpose that as a Godparent you vow to raise the child in a Christian lifestyle and these people have probably only been to church twice in their lifetime), but again whatever that's really none of my business. Back to my point her parents have done NOTHING and are now starting to complain when we mentioned they should give a nice donation to the church seeing as how our pastor is doing this as a favor to us. I'm basically just so sick and tired of my husbands brothers being lazy when it comes to thei r kids and their responsibilities.