Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Diet Fad

I have come up with a way to lose weight guaranteed*

For those of you that aren't so hot on spicy food just eat Weight Watchers Smart Ones Enchiladas Suiza for EVERY meal. I love spicy food and this is just a little too hot for my liking. Let's put it this way I'm eating one right now and am on my 4 glass of water while eating it. It's just about setting my tongue on fire.

* these are the personal opinions of me and are in no way based on fact or research. Plus anyone that thinks there is a diet that is guaranteed to make you lose weight is out of their mind unless their particular diet of choice includes healthy eating and exercise.

103, 103, 103

This was my daughters body temperature last night right after she puked up her stomachs contents all over both her and I. Then I come to find out that another little girl was brought to daycare with her parents knowing full well she had a stomach virus. In turn this drastically changed my plans of hanging out skiing this weekend with family and now we are staying home and doing nothing. If your kid is sick DON'T bring them to daycare. Especially a daycare that also has a 6 months old and a 10 month old baby not to mention the 4 one and a half year olds.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ye of little faith.....

And I say this to all the men in my husbands family. Remember back in September when you said Eli couldn't lead his team to kindergarten? When you said Coughlin was going to have a heart attack on the side of the field? Remember when you said the "that's it game's over" with an entire quarter still left? Well remember how much you loathed watching them and I had to sit through it, only to see them work their way to the Superbowl which means I still have to watch one more football game with you yelling at the television from NY thinking they can hear you in Scottsdale. Like I've said to all of you, have some faith in your teams.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Oh happy day......

I have a new showerhead. To fully understand my enthusiasm in this new wonderful $29.99 gadget of mine, you need to understand what I have been showering under for the past two years. I don't even think what I've had can be defined as a showerhead. It was like a spray nozzle. That was always on the setting that would knock the smile right off of your face when your brother nailed you with it.

I have never been so happy to have to use a tool to install something. It makes me look forward to having to wake up and take a shower in the morning now.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


That's what papparazzi should be feeling like right now. They crowded around Michelle Williams as she was trying to get into her house with her two year old in tow after Heath Ledgers death. Leave the woman alone. Let them mourn in peace. Let her figure out how she's going to explain to her daughter why daddy isn't going to be there anymore. Quit asking how she's feeling. How would you feel if the father of your child just died unexpectedly and it was all over the news that it's drug related before that's been proven? It's amazing what lengths these bottom feeders will go to to spin a story. Let her mourn and let her do it privately.