Friday, May 7, 2010

Double Standards.......

Last night I got home and flipped on FoxNews like I do occassionally. It was around 8pm when the boob tube was turned on so Bill O'Reilly was on. Now I am not in any way a big O'Reilly fan but the story that he had absolutely floored me. It was the story of how teenagers at a California school were asked to turn their shirts inside out and take off their bandanas because they all depicted the American flag. That's right the school's that wave the American flag asked students to remove their clothing that did the same. The reasoning behind this? The school officials were afraid that it might incite something due to it being Cinco de Mayo. I very rarely discuss political situations on my blog because I like to stay away from the controversy it can create but this I have a problem with. The other issue I have with this is that the administration of this school removed the flag of the United States of America and displayed the flag for Mexico. Here's the video if you care to check it out. And again I'm not doing this to start any fires I just have an issue with students being told that they cannot wear clothing that depicts the American flag.

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