Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Freezer/Pantry Challenge Take Two

Ok here we go again. Let's see how this week works out for my challenge since last week not only did we have Chinese one night we also had pizza.

Monday: Homemade Hamburger Helper
We had some leftover ground beef, shredded cheddar, elbow mac, and milk and voila Hamburger Helper at a fraction of the price. Plus it allowed both me and E to have lunch on Tuesday

Tuesday (aka Daddyless dinner night) Breakfast
I bought eggs on sale at A&P for a buy one get one free and we had a ton of pancake mix. So the kids had pancakes and syrup and Mommy had eggs and sausage (I don't like pancakes)

Wednesday: Pot Roast
We bought a HUGE pork loin at BJ's when it was on sale and have slowly been eating away at it.

Thursday: Baseball food night
Hot dogs and fries.

Friday: Chicken a la Grandma
Chicken thighs in olive oil and breadcrumbs, mashed potatoes, mixed veggies

Saturday: Musgoes (leftover night)

Sunday: Chili
Chili is pretty much a given on Sundays once football starts. It's easy to make, both my kids eat it, and it makes enought for leftovers.

Let's see how this goes since I actually had a menu plan ahead of time.

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