Friday, February 15, 2008


It's always sad and tragic to hear of a school shooting but it hits a little closer to home when you actually attended the school in the news. Now I haven't been an NIU student in many years but that doesn't stop the loyalty to the mighty Huskies. It's scary to think someone was able to walk into a lecture hall one I might have attended a class in and open fire for no apparent reason. At the same time it scares me how violent the youth of America are or are becoming in this day and age and makes me want to protect my children at all costs and never let them out of my sight. I know this isn't possible.......but how can you have so much anger and rage that you just take innocent people's lives? This is all so reminiscent of Columbine almost 10 years ago, the Jonesboro school shootings, all the miscellaneous shootings that are still happening, Virginia Tech that claimed 32 lives, a local high school in NY (seriously I drive past the school on a daily basis) where 3 students were planning an attack for the 11th anniversary of Columbine and had amassed a huge cache of firearms that were kept in their houses, and now NIU. When is all this madness going to stop? God bless NIUand my thoughts and prayers go out to them

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