Thursday, July 12, 2007

Are you kidding me???

After the gym last night I went to the local Mobil on the Run since they are having all their fountain drinks priced at 99cents. My husband and I both LOVE fountain diet coke. So I figured I'd stop in to get one. Now they are not stocking the 64oz cup because really who could blame them they'd probably not be able to cover their asses on it so I reach for the 44oz cup, and push the thing for ice and nothing........I push again thinking maybe it's just stuck.....nothing....I look around to let someone know it's out of ice and realize I am standing by myself in the store. There is not an employee to be found. So I just fill my cup with diet coke figuring it's cold already and I have ice at home and proceed to make my way to the cash register to pay. I get there and I wait......and wait.....and wait.....and wait. After literally 5 minutes of standing there waiting to pay I take a dollar bill out and place it on the counter and out of nowhere comes a little man saying in a nasty tone "Ma'am that's $1.07". Ok bastard you're lucky I even tried to pay for it. Your job is in customer service start servicing your customers. I don't understand people who act like it's beneath them to ring me up IT"S THEIR JOB!!!!

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