Friday, March 28, 2008


Since I'm so not on time with posting I figured since I had a few moments today I'd play catch up with some pics and latest Rydell happenings.
Easter this year was really great since peanut finally seemed to be grasping the whole concept of it. Case in point: I had decided against taking her to see the Easter bunny for the sole fact that she would not go near Santa and I wasn't so sure how she'd react to a six foot tall Rabbit, so we're on our way to the mall last Friday (Good Friday of all days) and she and I are talking in the car, since she and I are talking I've got the radio on but very low volume which is why I was surprised when there was an announcement to see the Easter bunny that peanut replied "I go see bunny". This is my same little girl who when she woke up on Easter morning asked "bunny here?" Mind you my little one is going to be 2 in April but it amazes me what children retain. She was fairly good during Easter service which amazed me, then it was off to Casa de Rydell for the Easter Egg hunt which she didn't seem to get the concept. All the eggs were filled with change since the kids get enough junk in their baskets and since she's the youngest by 4 years she got about 5 minutes by herself, she would pick the egg up, shake it, dance with the jangling change and then throw it away!!!

She had an amazing time coloring eggs with her cousins. Of course she dyes them by throwing the egg into the dye and then trying to drinke the dye....eeeks!
But all in all she had a good Easter and I think she looked adorable.

Oh yeah and Easter baskets are more fun after you pull all the grass out

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