Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ew, gross

That's what my two year old said to me this morning after she had vomited her dinner of spaghetti-o's all over her bed. While her daddy took her to the bathroom (puke-free I might add). I cleaned up the mess that was all over her bed and her blankies and her "babies". That was the hard part having to wash her "babies" and still trying to get her to go to sleep. Yeah that wasn't gonna happen. She invaded my sleeping area. And this means that Daddy gets plenty of room and peanut gets plenty of room but then there's none left for Mommy who took a hard right punch from the peanut. Alas, Pukeapalooza 2008 has begun and I unfortunately have front row tickets. Anyone care to join me in the Mosh Pit???

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