Thursday, August 27, 2009

Miles of Hope walk

I have said for years that I really wanted to do a Race for the Cure walk, a relay for life, etc., etc., but I have either not had the time or was just lazy in doing it. Not this time, I am all registered for the Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Research walk on Sunday September 27 at James Baird Park. I'm totally looking forward to doing this walk with my kids and even more so to raise money for a stellar cause. I'm hoping to start instilling in my children the desire and need to support causes such as these. We have always donated to St. Judes, the American Cancer society and our local food banks but doing activities such as these and seeing all the awesome supporters, not to mention survivors is equally thrilling. Now I only have to get my rear in gear to prepare for a 5K while hauling two kids.....

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